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Hello friend,

If you are reading this, we must tell you how grateful we are that you’re spending a little slice of your life to learn more about us. We know how precious your time is, and this bio is meant to be straight to the point. It is our feeling that you probably have just a few minutes to find out who we are, and how we do what we do. We aim to accomplish that here.

We are a well established, well-equipped, musical duo from northern Wisconsin. We've been (and still are) blessed to be doing this since March of 1992. We're professional, reliable, free to move about the country, self-contained and good to go.

As our name "Lovin' Country" implies, our first love and strongest marketing point is country music. This of course includes all forms; radio hits, standards, bluegrass, cajun, classic and country rock. It's important here, to point out that these are just part of what we do. We work very hard at doing many more genres and styles, as authentically as possible. We can deliver oldies, 50's & 60's, southern and classic rock, blues, funk, r&b, motown, big band, and even polkas and waltzes. The repertoire grows often & steady. Our name stands for who we are, but in today's marketplace we understand you will likely need versatility, and we embrace that. It's our goal to try our very best to get something for everyone, and do it right.

As you know we are a duo, but we share many of the same venues, festivals, etc., that 5 to 8 piece and even larger bands play. It's absolutely essential to us to hold our own, and have a big, full "danceable" sound. We accomplish this by using a number of top music technology tools that include a keyboard/computer system with which we record our own backing instruments such as; drums, bass, piano, keys, synths and horns, etc., while playing other instruments such as guitar, synthesizer guitar, pedal steel guitar, keyboards and fiddle live on stage. These types of tools are used at virtually every major act concert you go to these days. They are not talent replacement tools - they are enhancement tools... WE LIVE AND DIE BY THIS FACT - Every note you hear when we're onstage comes from our hearts, heads and hands to your ears. We never cut corners by using someone else's backing tracks or anything like that. It is all us, all the time... sink or swim. We have our own studio which is equipped with much of today's latest recording gear and technologies. However, we prepare our backing instruments appropriately for live performance. We never resort to lip syncing, faking an instrument, or using an "Auto Pilot" button. :-)

We perform at a wide range of venues and events. Everything from small backyard parties on up to festivals with 35,000+ in attendance. Casinos, clubs, fairs, private and corporate parties... you name it, we've most likely played them. In every year of our existence, we've been fortunate to share stage time with big name, big-time country artists. We're going to stick with our "No Fluff" policy and not give you a long bragging list here. As the great Coach Lombardi would say, "When you go into the end zone, act like you've been there before." :-)

If you have read this far, you are a hero to us...Thank you! Please understand that no matter if you are a music lover, listener or someone looking to hire the right entertainment for their venue or event, we appreciate you so much. We know when it comes to picking entertainment, there is an overwhelming amount of choices... but we want you to know that if we get the honor of performing for you, we will give you our best effort each and every time out. That is our mission and our promise to you.

Wishing you peace and happiness,

Donie and Rosie 

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